Above: A well-dressed family cross the stepping stones over the Goyt, heading towards the packhorse bridge.

Above: John and Eliza Swindells posing outside Moss House Farm around 1915.

Post updates

These are updates to previously-published posts. Click any heading to view them – they will usually be at the bottom of the page. (I only started this page fairly recently, which is why there are so few.)

The vanished footbridge

Chris from Forestry England thinks that they may need to close the footpath around the back of Errwood Hall ruins. (Added 2nd September 2023)

Closure of Errwood Hall

Work has finally started on repairing the ruins following the recent spate of vandalism and is expected to take until the end of September before the fencing is removed. (Added 24th August 2023)

Jenkin Chapel photo

A photo of Jenkin Chapel, possibly taken in the late 1800s or early 1900s. (Added 30th May 2023)

Errwood Hall priest

Helen sent a photo of her great-great-uncle, Rev Naylor, who was a priest at Errwood Hall and died there in 1927. (Added 27th March 2023)

Errwood Hall arch

I was hoping the original photo of Errwood Hall with its arch would turn up – and now it has! (Added 17th November 2022)

Goytsclough waterwheel

Chris discovered a note in Whaley Bridge Library that suggests the waterwheel was a staggering 60 feet in diameter – which is more than twice what I thought it must have been. (Added 17th November 2022)

Errwood Bridge

Diane sends a couple of charming photos of her and her brother playing in the Goyt just below Errwood Bridge in the late 1950s. (Added 21st October 2022)

Railway mania part II

Alan Roberts adds a scan of the 1891 plan submitted by the Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway showing how the line would have crossed through the Goyt Valley towards Buxton. (Added 5th July 2022)

Goyts Moss Farm

A brief description of Goyt’s Moss Farm found in some papers stored in the Derbyshire Bridge Rangers’ Hut. (Added 23rd May 2022)

Moss Hall

The only half-decent photo I’ve managed to find of Moss Hall, together with a fairly amateurish painting. (Added 20th May 2022)

Moss House

A group of four charming photos taken around 1915 of John Swindell and his wife Eliza Ann who lived at Moss House, on the old road between the Cat & Fiddle and Derbyshire Bridge. (Added 19th May 2022)

Boothman’s Cottages

Update #1: Alan clears up the confusion about the various turnpikes. Update #2: Memories of the now demolished house. (Added 19th April 2022)

Errwood Hall layout

A new photo of Errwood Hall seems to confirm that there was no open courtyard in the centre of the building. (Added 23rd March 2022)

Vault correction

Update #1: a 1954 description of the Grimshawe’s hilltop graveyard. Update #2: Realisation that there were two entrances to the vault – one above ground and the other below. (Added 30th March 2022)