Above: A well-dressed family cross the stepping stones over the Goyt, heading towards the packhorse bridge.

Above: John and Eliza Swindells posing outside Moss House Farm around 1915.

Post updates

These are updates to previously-published posts. Click any heading to view them – they will usually be at the bottom of the page. (I only started this page fairly recently, which is why there are so few.)

Goyts Moss Farm

A brief description of Goyt’s Moss Farm found in some papers stored in the Derbyshire Bridge Rangers’ Hut. (Added 23rd May 2022)

Moss Hall

The only half-decent photo I’ve managed to find of Moss Hall, together with a fairly amateurish painting. (Added 20th May 2022)

Moss House

A group of four charming photos taken around 1915 of John Swindell and his wife Eliza Ann who lived at Moss House, on the old road between the Cat & Fiddle and Derbyshire Bridge. (Added 19th May 2022)

Boothman’s Cottages

Update #1: Alan clears up the confusion about the various turnpikes. Update #2: Memories of the now demolished house. (Added 19th April 2022)

Errwood Hall layout

A new photo of Errwood Hall seems to confirm that there was no open courtyard in the centre of the building. (Added 23rd March 2022)

Vault correction

Update #1: a 1954 description of the Grimshawe’s hilltop graveyard. Update #2: Realisation that there were two entrances to the vault – one above ground and the other below. (Added 30th March 2022)