Goyt Valley resources

A list of books, maps and websites for anyone interested in the social and industrial history of the Goyt Valley. Please get in touch if you can suggest any more I could include.

Web sites

Whaley Bridge Local History Group
My favourite resource for information on the history of the Goyt Valley. The site also includes lots of photos of the valley before, during and after the construction of the twin reservoirs.

Whaley Bridge History Forum
The discussion forum of the Whaley Bridge History Group.

Errwood Hall
The Whaley Bridge Local History’s pages on Errwood Hall contain a wealth of information and photos.

Errwood Hall Wikipedia page

The Grimshawe family
A genealogy website for anyone researching the history of the Grimshaw(e) name. Samuel Grimshawe built and lived in Errwood Hall. His family crest of a griffin was above the entrance door.

The Cromford & High Peak Railway Wikipedia page


Goyt Valley Story by Clifford Rathbone
A collection of updated articles which first appeared in the Macclesfield Express during the summer of 1955.

The Goyt (The Forgotten Valley) and Errwood Hall by Gerald Hancock
Self-Published by the author, this is Gerald’s first book on the Goyt Valley

Goyt Valley Romance; Errwood Hall & The Grimshawes by Gerald Hancock
An expanded version of his first book, self-published in 2001

Goyt Valley Miner; Errwood Hall & Castedge Pit by Kevin Dranfield
Self-published by the author in 2008

Old OS maps

The best place to find old maps of the Goyt Valley is the National Library of Scotland’s website. Here’s a list of good examples (click any link to view);

Derbyshire XIV.SEPublished: 1882. Surveyed: 1878 to 1879.This includes the Derbyshire side of Goyt’s Bridge.

Derbyshire XIV.SEPublished: 1899. Revised: 1897. This shows both Cheshire and Derbyshire sides of Goyt’s Bridge.

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