Goyt Valley walk ‘fly-thrus’

I created these Google Earth ‘fly-thrus’ of walks as a bit of an experiment. They use satellite images from Google Earth. But they’re fairly time-consuming to produce, and I’d rather be out there walking than staring at a computer screen! So I’ve decided to use the ‘Relives’ to provide a quick overview of the walks. These are far easier, include better stats, and also allow me to embed photos.

Walk 4: Errwood Hall & the Shrine

3 miles starting from Errwood Hall car park

Walk 6: Taxal Edge

6 miles starting from main car park

Walk 8: Shining Tor

5 miles starting from Errwood Hall car park

Walk 9: Buxton to Errwood

8 miles starting from Buxton

Walk 11: Derbyshire Bridge

3 miles starting from Derbyshire Bridge

Walk 12: High Peak Railway

15 miles starting from Buxton