Goyt Valley clippings

On this page I’ll include some newspaper clippings of news and information about the Goyt Valley which don’t warrant a full page all of their own. Contributions are always very welcome. Click here to get in touch.

Errwood Estate for sale

The Derby Mercury of 1st March 1798 carried an announcement for the sale by auction of the Errwood Estate. I know Samuel Grimshawe purchased the estate in 1832 from John William Jodrell for £9250. So perhaps it was Jodrell who placed the winning bid in 1798.

The auction was held at The Eagle and Child pub in Buxton. I’d guess this was the pub on the Market Square, now just called ‘The Eagle’ (a favourite haunt on mine in years gone by).

The estate is described as “a romantic situation, about four miles from Buxton, and one mile distant from the turnpike road leading from thence to Manchester”. (Contributed by Mike.)

Excursions to Errwood Hall

The Buxton Advertiser of 24th Sept 1910 contains an advert for an excursion to Errwood Hall where the party will be entertained by Mr H.R.H. Gosselin Grimshawe. Helier Robert Hadley Gosselin was 53 when he married Mary Grimshawe in 1902. They didn’t have any children. He died in 1924 and is buried in the family’s hill-top graveyard. (Contributed by Mike.)

Carriage accident

According to this report in the 30th May 1890 edition of the Derbyshire Advertiser & Journal, two ladies had a very lucky escape when the horse pulling their hired ‘conveyance’ bolted during a visit to the Goyt Valley (click to enlarge). The driver, Frank Potts, suffered severe bruising. But the day was saved by Mr Barson who conveyed the shocked ladies back to Burbage. (Contributed by Mike.)

Sheep rustling at Errwood

Mary Grimshawe of Errwood Hall was mentioned in the Cheshire Observer on 15th July 1899 (click image to enlarge). Harold Hill, a labourer, was charged with ‘feloniously stealing 44 ewes and nine lambs, value £80’ from Mary. He was also accused of stealing ewes and lambs from both William Truman and John Hibbert. (Contributed by Mike.)

Grimshawe funeral

Samuel Grimshawe’s funeral notice appeared in the 5th May 1883 edition of the Manchester Courier. He had converted to Catholicism on the death of his father. As well as Samuel’s wife and two daughters, the funeral was attended by two bishops and many other guests and clergy. The coffin was carried up to the family’s hill-top cemetery on Chronicle Hill to be interred in the small mausoleum.  (Contributed by Mike.)

Quarry & mill to let

This clipping is taken from the 3rd December 1884 edition of the Buxton Herald (click to enlarge). It advertises both the stone quarry and paint mill to let, including a powerful ‘over-shot’ waterwheel, as well as the labourers’ cottages. There’s information on the stone quarry, paint mill and cottages on this website. Click a link to view. (Contributed by Mike.)

Boy cut in two

This  gruesome report of 11-year-old George Wilson’s untimely death on the Bunsal Incline appeared in the 28th June 1890 edition of the Manchester Courier (click to enlarge). Young George was cut in two when he fell under the wheels of three wagons on the Cromford & High Peak Railway.  (Contributed by Mike.)

Above: I think these two ladies posing shyly on a very grand car may be servants at Errwood Hall. The hall was very much the centre of life in the Goyt Valley up until the last Grimshawe, Mary, died in 1930.