Above: An example of what a difference a bit of sunshine can make!

On the left is the previous photo from walk 15 Errwood to Goytsclough taken in March 2016. And on the right is the same view retaken in July 2019.

I’ve been spending some time tidying up the walks featured on the website. And taking advantage of the recent, record-breaking sunshine to retake some of the photos previously shot in the depths of winter.

I’ve also added two new walks; from Whaley Bridge to Taxal, and Derbyshire Bridge to Axe Edge Moor. Which takes the total to 20.

Walk ‘Relives’

It was only fairly recently that I started using the Relive app to track walks. A lot of people have said they find them really useful. So I’ve now created one for each walk and added them to the descriptions. I’ve also put them all on one page to make selecting a walk easier (click to view).

Above: A ‘Relive’ clip of the most recent walk; from Derbyshire Bridge over Axe Edge Moor. Click to play and use the expand button to view in full-screen.

YouTube videos

I’ve also created a similar page featuring all the YouTube videos (click to view). The first of these dates back to 2011. And it’s been a steady learning curve to improve them along the way. But they are quite time-consuming to create. And they don’t get that many views. So I think I’ll ditch them in the future in favour of the ‘Relives’.

A faster server

The website gets a fair number of visits – especially at weekends and during sunny weather. Which means it often becomes quite slow. So I’m going to move it onto a faster server to see if this speeds things up.

My thanks to everyone who takes the time to get in touch. Comments, suggestions (and even the occasional criticism!) are always very much appreciated.

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