Above: The walk around Fernilee Reservoir is always popular, but I’ve extended it slightly further by going down to the the small bridge over the Goyt and returning along the river bank.

Below: The walk between Errwood and Goytsclough is more challenging, but offers its own rewards. (Click to enlarge image.)

I’ve just added two new walks to the series – bringing the total to 15. They were recorded on the last day of a fairly damp March. It may have been better to wait until the leaves were fully out, with everything a little more green and a little less muddy brown. But I felt in need of some invigorating Peak District air to blow away the cobwebs.

Walk 14: Fernilee circular

Walk 14 is an easy four-mile stroll around Fernilee Reservoir, but I’ve extended it slightly further than a complete circuit by continuing down to the small bridge over the Goyt and returning along the river bank. The river was flowing higher and faster than I’ve seen it for quite a few years, and it revealed the valley in all its picturesque beauty. Click to view the walk description.

Walk 15: Errwood to Goytsclough

Walk 15 was inspired by some recent research into the Goytsclough Paint Mill. I wanted to see if I could find any evidence of the factory buildings and mill workers’ cottages. It’s not one of my favourite walks, and it would have been better to have waited until the leaves were fully out and the paths less muddy, but I’m not complaining! Click to view this walk.

Please let me know if you’ve tried any of the walks in this series. And if you’ve got any of your own you’d like me to include.

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