Above: A photo taken in summer from Pannier Pools up to one of the two packhorse bridges at Three Shires Head.

The name came from the pannier bags slung across either side of the packhorses.

It’s been a while since I’ve added another walk to the series (up to 18 at the last count). So with the weather turning really wet and windy over recent days, I thought it a good time to hunker down and catch up with a couple of walks I’ve photographed, but not posted.

Both walks are to the south of the Goyt Valley. Walk 19 is a 7-miler from Derbyshire Bridge across Axe Edge and returning via the Cat & Fiddle. Walk 20 is a five-mile stroll to that wonderfully scenic spot; Three Shires Head.

I’m not sure why, but I decided to tackle walk 20 before 19. Probably because it was freshest in my fast-failing memory. Click the play button below to view to video. And the expand button to view in full screen.

I captured the walk on a gloriously bright and sunny day in late February. And as I look out my window in early March to leaden skies and swirling sleet, it seems an age ago.

Although it’s slightly stretching things to say it’s a Goyt Valley walk, it is possible to start from the small carpark at Derbyshire Bridge, at the head of the valley. But I prefer to start closer to the route, at Clough House, just up the road from Wildboarclough.

This is the easiest route, but if the weather’s good and you fancy a real leg-stretch, there are a number of other options. An OS map – or one of the increasingly popular map apps – should reveal all the paths.

One of my favourites is to start from Derbyshire Bridge, walk about half a mile along the old Macclesfield Road towards Buxton, and then cross over the main road and head towards Axe Edge.

Walk 19 starts along the same route. And that’s next on my list of things to do. 

Click here to view step-by-step descriptions and photos for Walk 20 to Three Shires Head.

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