Above: I’ve highlighted the camera view in green. The photographer was standing beside the small packhorse bridge, alongside Wildmoorestone Brook as it joins the River Goyt. Goytshead Farm is just behind.
Many thanks to Mike for sending this postcard of the stepping stones at Goyt’s Bridge from his collection. It’s another image that I hadn’t seen before. And it contains some fascinating detail. I’m not sure of the date, but I’d guess it was taken sometime around 1910. (Click the image below to enlarge.)
The stepping stones over the River Goyt look very precarious. Especially for the young child crossing over. The footbridge on the left looks a far safer bet. But nowhere near as exciting!

The gypsy caravan appears in a number of other photos, including ones taken during a holiday in the early 1930s. And there’s also a brief glimpse in the 1932 cine film.

In the far distance it’s just possible to make out the roof of Goyt’s Bridge School. Gatehouse Cottage is hidden behind the trees on the right.

The photo below was shot from the other side of the stepping stones, and must have been taken at a similar time (click to enlarge). It’s from the page on the packhorse bridge.

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