Above: All the walks on this website are now on ViewRanger. Click here to view them.

Walking apps have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Keen walkers say they’re no replacement for an OS map and compass. But until I get lost on some wind-swept moor with both daylight and my phone battery fading, I have to say that I’m a convert.

I can see the benefits of a dedicated weather-proof GPS device like a Satmap or Garmin, with their long-lasting batteries. But they’re way too pricey for my threadbare pockets. And the displays are nowhere near so clear as a smartphone.

I’ve had a few map apps on my phone for a while, including UK Maps, iFootpath and AllTrails. And they’ve pointed me in the right direction many a time. But my app of choice these days is ViewRanger.

It’s free (although there is a paid-for version with a few more bells and whistles). And although it does take a bit of initial head-scratching to figure out, it’s well worth the effort. 

So I’ve spent a couple of days putting all the walks on this site onto the app. And ViewRanger have grouped them in a collection for easy viewing. 

View the walks on ViewRanger

Advice and feedback

My advice for anyone using the app on a smartphone is to invest in a portable battery charger. And maybe a weather-proof case.

Any feedback on using these routes on ViewRanger would be much appreciated. And I’m always happy to help with any advice. Click here to get in touch.

Page update

I’ve added a link to all the ViewRanger files under the walks menu – click to view.

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