Above: The panoramic views from Castle Naze, an ancient Iron Age hill fort, are truly breathtaking, and well worth the climb.

Above: Click to play a ‘Relive’ of the walk, and use the expand button to view in full-screen.

The walks on this website are getting longer and more challenging. Partly because I’ve run out of easy ones. And also because there’s a lot to be said for exploring further away from the valley.

I’ve just posted walk 24 in the series. At 12 miles, it’s one of the longest walks in the series, and probably the most challenging if you’re not a keen walker. But the rewards include a rich variety of features and scenery.

For full step-by-step instructions and photos, as well as a Relive video and ViewRanger map, click the link below.

View walk 24

Starting from Fernilee Reservoir, the walk passes Taxal Church and then Combs Reservoir before climbing up to the ancient Iron Age fort of Castle Naze, with its breath-taking panoramic views, and returning via Combs Edge.

I’m going to try and discover more about the history of the fort. If anyone can help, please either leave a comment below, or get in touch via the contact page.

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