Above: The walk starts from the small car park at the foot of the Bunsall Incline. (Click to enlarge.)
I’ve just added walk number 16 to the series: a simple three-mile stroll around Fernilee Reservoir. I’d been saving it for when the weather improved so that I could capture the glorious greens of the leaves along the woodland section.

I was delighted to see that the Forestry Commissioned has finally started to clear the dense fir trees on the western side of the reservoir. Something they’ve been promising for quite some time.

Allowing the light back in

As well as letting the natural light though to the ground, encouraging more of the natural habitat, this will allow the native broad-leafed trees to flourish.

It will also restore the wonderfully scenic landscape on this part of the valley – something which made the Goyt Valley such a magnet for tourists, walkers and cyclists in the days before the construction of the twin reservoirs.

Click below to to view full directions, photos and a short video of the walk.

View the walk

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