Above: It seems a long time since I photographed this walk. It was one of those rare days of full sun and clear skies that makes the valley such a very special place.

As I write, snow has started to fall outside my window. And the forecast is for another seven days of the same. So I thought I’d remind myself of sunnier and warmer times by creating another video, similar to the one featured on the previous post. But photographed in mid-summer rather than late-autumn.

I split the previous walk into two 20-minute parts. This is a shorter walk – 5 miles rather than 9 – so I’ve created it in one complete video. But it comes out at nearly 30 minutes. Which is maybe a bit long for most people’s tastes. So I’ve added a speeded-up version as a bit of an experiment.

Above: The original video at just under 28 minutes. Click to play and press the expand button to view in full-screen.

Below: The faster version at just under 7 minutes.

The walk featured is number 15 in the series, starting from Errwood Hall carpark and passing the ruins of the hall before heading up and over the slope towards Goytsclough, and returning via the picturesque riverside path.

Feedback and comments

I’d be really grateful for any feedback, either as a comment below, or via the contact page. I know from YouTube’s stats that the average viewing time for the previous videos is 2.5 minutes. So most people move on well before reaching the end. Which I guess isn’t surprising.

But I’m hoping these slow-paced videos may appeal to some people as a way of switching off and relaxing, and enjoying some picturesque scenery matched with some well-chilled jazz. Enjoy!..

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