Above: Neil on the left interviews yours truly at the ruins of Errwood Hall.

Professional photographer, Neil O’Connor, got in touch a few weeks back to ask whether I’d be happy to be interviewed for a video he was creating on a walk passing the ruins of Errwood Hall. (The route is similar to walk 8 on this website.)

It’s the fourth in Neil’s ‘Wildside Walks’ series. He’s just posted the film on YouTube, and apart from the grey-haired bloke making an appearance about half way through, I think the results are stunning.

Above: Click the video to play, and the expand button to view in full screen.

Neil used a drone for some of the filming. And we’re hoping to use it to create some more videos of the valley next spring, when the weather has improved.

I’d like to use it to explore the old paint mill at Goytsclough to try and work out how water was fed to the giant water-wheel that turned the millstones. I’m also hoping we can film the Goyt all the way from its source near the Cat & Fiddle though the valley to Taxal.

Watch this space!

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