Above: A view of the track down the incline into Whaley Bridge. Bill says “This is now a nice picnic area”.

Bill Reid writes: Thanks for the great videos and information on the Goyt Valey and the C&HPR. I have used your Walk no.12 to find my way along the old railway between Whaley Bridge and Burbage. I started my own web site on walking the C&HPR a couple of years back and slowly built it up as I reached more areas. Click here to view my web site.

I live in Oxfordshire so it was a long day getting there and back and walking chosen sections for the day. Likewise working out the best way to get to Burbage and Ladmanlow. However, I have now competed those walks and have my web site updated to the photos and information I found on the last three visits and walks.

I only have a couple of sections to do to complete the railway but they are just too far to do on a single day out and back so not sure how I will get these covered. They are Parsley Hay to Hurdlow Incline and the area up to the ‘Y’ point on the other side of the present railway. But hope to work something out for next Spring.

I don’t have personal transport so need to find the best way to get to these places and have enough time to walk to them and then find a bus or train service to get me back home within a reasonable time.

I’m a retired train driver and have enjoyed the walks over the railway and learning more and more about it. I hope you find the web site of some interest. Thanks again for the very helpful videos. I found your ‘moving’ still image presentation very interesting.

Thanks Bill. I’m delighted you found my walk 12 useful in your research. I relied very much on the help of Whaley Bridge local-history enthusiast, Jerome Jarvis, to show me the way.

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