Above: Jack Hewitt (sitting at far left with his daughter) was manager of Castedge coal mine, which lay just below Errwood Hall.

It’s one of five posts currently on the website which explore the topic of coal mining in the Goyt Valley.

The very first post on this site is dated 1st March 2012. It’s now December 2020 and the total number of posts has reached over 250. Which is way more than I ever imagined.

But this can mean it’s difficult to find posts under a particular topic. The search field at the top of each page works reasonably well. But I’ve just added ‘topic tags’ to bottom of each post. These tags group posts under a wide list of topics. And should make finding what you’re interested in a lot easier.

I’ve also created a page with all the topic tags, including everything from coal mining to the suspension bridge.

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