Above: Photo courtesy of Picture the Past.

Louise Marsden spotted this intriguing photo on Picture the Past’s Facebook page. It’s titled ‘Goyt Valley Relief Expedition’, and was published in the Buxton Advertiser.

The description says: “Leaving from outside messrs Burgons Stores on the afternoon of Monday 27 February 1933. The original photograph is held in the bound volume ‘The snowstorm of 24/26th February 1933’.”

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Snow has been falling for the last few days here in Buxton, so I thought it was a good opportunity to try and capture a similar view, and create this ‘then and now’ fade.

Mike has tried to discover more about the rescue expedition in the archives, but has so far drawn a blank.

All the buildings in the Goyt Valley had been marked for demolition following Stockport Corporation’s purchase of the Errwood Estate in 1930 to build the twin reservoirs. So I wouldn’t have thought there were many people left to rescue when the snowstorm hit in early 1933.

I’ll update this page if we manage to discover any more information.

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