Above: The evocative ruins of Thursbitch, in the shadow of the ridge line between Cats Tor and Shining Tor high up to the left.

The first time I tried to follow this walk my phone battery completely died, leaving me with only a vague idea of the way back. It happened just as I approached the evocative ruins of Thursbitch; the farmhouse featured in Alan Garner’s book of the same name (click for more info).

But going a second time was no great hardship. And I’ve just posted the step-by-step instructions and photos of what is now the 22nd walk in the series.

View walk 22

I have to admit that it is slightly stretching things to say it’s a Goyt Valley walk. But it is very close, and since I’m running out of ideas for new walks in the valley, I hope I’ll be excused!

I recorded the walk in early February, on a cold day with skies that turned from bright to overcast. It was also quite muddy in places, which is maybe not unusual for this time of year.

Above: A ‘Relive’ of the 9.5 mile circular walk. Click to play and use the expand button to view in full screen.

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