Above: An illustration from Alan Garner’s book, The Moon of Gomrath.

I’ve just received an email from Emma who lives in Ontario, Canada saying how much she enjoyed the YouTube clip of the Errwood Hall walk. She’d come across it after reading a book called The Moon of Gomrath by Alan Garner, which was published back in 1963.

I’d never heard of the book, but found a Wikipedia entry which explains that it’s a fantasy novel in which one of the heroes is imprisoned in Errwood Hall: “The Morrigan captures Colin and imprisons him in Errwood Hall, which her magic restores into a building, which except in moonlight teleports into a lightless magic realm.”

Emma says she’s putting the walk on her list of places to visit when she next visits England.

Page update: Alan Garner’s book, Thursbitch, tells the tale of John Turner, a packhorse ‘jogger’ who died in a snowstorm near Saltersford. There’s an intriguing memorial to him close to the valley. Click to view.

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