Susan George writes: Could you please send details of how I can purchase a copy of the Goyt Valley Romance book? Your web site is fascinating. The Goyt Valley is my favourite place to walk in. It creates a wonderful atmosphere at any time of the year and I always think of the Grimshawe family on my way around. I have often thought their lives could be made into a film.

My father worked on the construction of The Errwood reservoir in the 1960s and we walked around the area shortly before it was flooded. Do you know where all the documents relating to the Grimshawes are kept, eg the house plans, family documents and details of the sale of the contents of the house?

Hi Susan. I’m afraid the book is now out of print, and even second-hand copies are very difficult to get hold of. The book does contain some of the information you’re looking for, including the contents of Errwood Hall listed in the auction catalogue. I’ll post the information on the website as soon as I get a chance. David

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