Above: Francis Gaskell (third from left), was Margaret Elizabeth Grimshawe’s son, and a regular visitor to Errwood Hall.

Bridget Franklin writes: I live in Rainow and have been researching the Gaskells of Ingersley Hall for some time. Although the family has not died out, most old letters and photos etc were destroyed after the last permanent resident Anne Theodora Gaskell died in 1923.

I have visited your website before but am now really pleased to see the hunting party photographs which include F Gaskell (third from left above). This is John Francis (1852-1929), always known as Francis, son of Margaret Elizabeth Grimshawe who married John Upton Gaskell.

The Gaskells and Grimshawes socialised a lot together – and they went on holiday together in the Marquita (the Grimshawe’s ocean-going yacht).

I am wondering if there are any more photographs which might reasonably be assumed to include Gaskells. Thanks for all the effort that has gone into the website.

Thanks for the information, Bridget. I don’t have any more photos of John Francis, apart from the others in the hunting party series (click to view). But I’ll let you now if I find any in the future. David