A series of four photographs taken at what must have been an annual sooting party for friends of the Grimshawes of Errwood Hall. In the sequence shown, they’re dated 1881, 1882, 1883 and 1887.

I’ve captioned them with information taken from the original photos. The only person I can trace is F Gaskell who was a cousin of the Grimshawes. He’s third from left in the top photo, and is easy to spot in the others.

The hunting party

Dated 1881 (left to right):T Brooks, F Gaskell, F Paget, E Warner, EJ Coope.

Dated 1882 (from left to right): J Brooks, T Brooks, EJ Coope, J O’Neal, Lord Belper, WC Paget, F Paget, F Gaskell.

Dated 1883 (from left to right): T Brooks, J O’Neal, DeLisle, EC Warner, F Parker, W Paget, F Gaskell, J Brooks, F Paget.

Dated 1887: No caption.