Walk 14 around Fernilee Reservoir starts from the main car park. Click here to view the video, along with detailed directions and photos.
I’ve just added the video for walk 14: an easy, four-mile circular stroll around Fernilee Reservoir, with an additional section running down the Goyt and returning along the picturesque riverbank. Click here to view it.

The walk along the eastern side of Fernilee is probably the most popular in the valley. The straight and level disused railway line is ideal for families with small children, dog-walkers, or anyone who wants a quick breath of Goyt Valley air. But it is a bit dull!

I always prefer to start on the opposite side of the reservoir, walking through the woodland. At the northern end of the reservoir there’s the choice between turning right over the dam wall and returning along the opposite bank. Or going that short distance further to cross the Goyt over a small footbridge.

It’s a very easy walk which will only take around an hour and a half – or perhaps two if you walk at my speed. (I’m a stroller rather than a strider!) But it’s one I always enjoy. And if you feel like extending it even further, continue all the way to Taxal, returning along the river bank.

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