Above: The scene at the northern end of Fernilee Reservoir. There are similar notices at the southern end.

Above: Signs say that mass-clearing will leave the woodland more varied (click to enlarge). But they seem to be planting yet more fir trees. Which I think’s a great pity.

The footpath along the western side of Fernilee Reservoir was closed in early August to allow for forestry work. The notices say it will reopen on 20th November 2020, or sooner if the works are completed earlier than expected.

Above: Click to enlarge the temporary closure notice and alternative route map.

The map shows that it’s only the footpath closest to the reservoir that’s closed (marked in red). And suggests alternative routes from both the north and south ends of the reservoir (blue dashes).

Above: There is an alternative route from the car park which avoids the climb back up (click to enlarge).

There are signs all along the route, so it’s impossible to go wrong. But personally, I’d follow an alternative route from the main carpark at the south, between the reservoirs. The diversion signs point down towards the shoreline path, then left, up through the trees to reach a wide track.

But I’d head up the path alongside the lane from the car park until it turns sharp left, and go through the gate on the right, which leads along the wide track (Alt. route 2). It saves going down and then up again. But perhaps I shouldn’t be so lazy!

Page update: 13/11/20: The footpaths have now reopened. Click here for details.