Alex Evans writes: I’ve just come across your website and what a pleasure. I was originally looking for some pictures of when the resovoir is low so you can see the remains of the village but then I got distracted (pleasantly) by your website.

I have spent many an hour and continue to do so in the Goyt walking and observing. There are some fantastic walks along the ridge, where you start by the dam, walking up to Pym Chair and then across to Shining Tor. Some spectacular scenery and when sunny you can sit and watch the traffic at Shining Tor.

Or if you walk into the Goyt from Bishops Lane, over the top and then walk round the resovoir before coming back via Derbyshire Bridge. Well done on the website!

Thanks Alex. The walk up to Pym Chair and along to Shining Tor is now online: See walk 8.

The only photo of Goyt’s Bridge appearing above the water line I’ve come across is shown above. I think this is Errwood Bridge, but I’m not 100% sure (click here for info on this bridge).

The photo is taken from the Whaley Bridge Local History Society’s website. I’m told there are more, so if anyone has any they’d like to share, please do get in touch. David

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