Above: An osprey was recently sighted fishing over Errwood Reservoir.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I know very little about the flora and fauna of the valley. Apart from the obvious ones, I don’t know the names of many trees, plants and flowers.

Or what birds live and nest here, or migrate from remote parts of the world. So I thought it about time I discovered more about the natural world on my doorstep.

Andrew and his wife Margaret are members of the Lightwood Natural History Facebook Group.

Lightwood is close to the Goyt Valley and members post some truly amazing photos; from delicate butterflies to rare lizards, dew-covered litchens to wonderfully intricate snails. It made me curious to find what animal and plant life can be found in the valley.

I know the area attracts a great number of bird-watchers, so bird life seemed the obvious place to start. Andrew knows the valley well, and was kind enough to write an all-year description of the wonderfully-diverse range of birds that both live and visit here.

I’m hoping to expand the series to include similar descriptions of other animals and plant life that can be found here. So please get in touch if you can help. Or simply leave a comment below.

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