Above: The picturesque packhorse bridge once lay in the centre of Goyt’s Bridge.

It proved a magnet for artists and photographers, as well as the many tourists who came to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the valley.

I just came across some wonderful photos of the old packhorse bridge that once stood in the heart of the now-drowned hamlet of Goyt’s Bridge. They’re on a Flickr stream by Tony Edge who I think must live in Fernilee.

I’ve tried to ask Tony for permission to post them here but I’m struggling to make contact. But the images are listed as being in the public domain, so I’m hoping he won’t object.

The packhorse bridge is the only part of Goyt’s Bridge to survive. It was dismantled stone-by-stone in the mid ’60s, just before the completion of Errwood Reservoir, and rebuilt about a mile upstream.

Click here for more photos of the bridge and a map showing where it once stood. And click on any of the photos below to enlarge.

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