Above: Taxal churchyard – where Rev Sam Evans lies buried. Was he to blame?

This website was hacked over a week ago. And it’s taken me this long to get things back as they were. If I could get hold of the bastard that did it… but perhaps it’s best just to move on. At least it’s made me learn some hard lessons and beef up security.

It all happened just as I was working on another post about the Rev Sam Evans, the ‘pugilistic parson’ of Taxal Church. He sounds a truly despicable character, and I did wonder whether he’d managed to reach out from beyond the grave to exact some revenge.

But I’m not superstitious by nature. So I’ll publish the post – come what may. (Having said that, if I’m found spralwled across my kitchen floor having met my maker in suspicious circumstances, you’ll know who’s to blame!)

So onward and upward – and hopefully not downward…