Paul Mason writes: Firstly, what a great job you’ve done with this site – lovely to see. I’m the son of the late Winefred and John Mason who built and ran the ‘Dish & Spoon Cafe’, just past the ‘Cat & Fiddle’ pub (photo above). My great-grandfather was a farmer in the valley, and my grandfather was game keeper for Lord Derby.

My dad’s first job was a ‘bat’s boy’ at the hall. Later he was game keeper and farmer. Also my dad, his dad and his grandad – all called John – were stone masons in full or part-time trade. My dad also went to school and lived in the village – now gone.

After being game keeper, my dad farmed and masoned. He was given two shot guns for his time and help on the shoot. Also, as a young man, he was given, from the hall, a white and blue dinner set. The gun is now in Macclesfield and the dinner set is in Virgina, USA (it’s older than a similar set on display in the White House.

There will be more info as I think of it.

Paul has now sent more details about his early life in the Goyt Valley. Click here to read his story.