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I have a guilty admission; I’m rubbish at social media. I’ve had a Facebook page for years, but like many others of my generation (just past retirement age), I very rarely use it. And when I do, it’s not really of interest to anyone but me. 

Likewise with Twitter (what is a hashtag?), Instagram (why would I post personal photos?), and all the rest. I see them as the root of many of society’s ills – especially the ever-growing problem of depression amongst the millennials. And I really don’t want these giant corporations knowing more about me than I do myself.

But I can see that they have their uses – particularly as a way to communicate with others who share the same interests and hobbies. So maybe the time has come to bury my paranoia and get with the action.

It was Chris Wilman’s Facebook Group on Ancient sites in the Peak District that opened my eyes to the possibilities. So I was delighted when Chris told me she was creating a Facebook Group on the Goyt Valley.

Chris has kindly allowed me to be a co-admin of the group, and to hold my nervous hand through the social media mine-field. It means I can tell anyone who follows this blog about new content and posts. Rather than having to rely on my not-very-often email newsletters. (Which I’ll still send.)

So if you’re a Facebook-user and share a love of the Goyt Valley, please hop over to the Goyt Valley Appreciation Society Facebook page and click to join. Hopefully see you there!

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