Above: I’ve tried to match features in the painting with an old map of Goyt’s Bridge. 1: The artist’s position and direction of view. 2: The small bridge over Shooter’s Clough as it meets the Goyt. 3: The gyspy caravan. 4: The stepping stones. 5: The packhorse bridge. 6: Goytshead Farm.
This postcard of Goyt’s Bridge is one of the most attractive I’ve seen. The quality of the painting isn’t great, but it’s full of wonderful detail, including the gypsy caravan, the stepping stones over the Goyt, Goytshead farmhouse and the packhorse bridge. 

A dog runs playfully up the river bank to his mistress. There’s a flock of hens in the farmhouse garden, and a man walking his dog down the lane towards the packhorse bridge.

Above: Click the image to enlarge.

Mike kindly sent me the card from his collection. It’s captioned on the front;  ‘The meeting of the waters, Goyt Valley, Buxton’. But there’s  nothing on the reverse except ‘A copy of an original oil painting’. 

The signature is difficult to make out, but it looks like G Ramsey. I’d guess it was painted sometime between 1920-30. The artist would have been standing beside Errwood Bridge, with Gatehouse Cottage to the right.

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