Above: Construction ‘navvies’ pictured in their well-stocked pub, conveniently situated next to their temporary housing on the Valentine Road from Fernilee.

This 1932 silent film records the Inauguration ceremony for the start of construction of Fernilee Reservoir, with Stockport Corporation big-wigs standing apart from the workers.

Known as ‘navvies’, the workers often came from Ireland, travelling from one large construction site to another, and staying near to the construction site in temporary accommodation. 

There’s some wonderful footage of steam-powered cranes, as well as a very well-dressed farmer herding sheep through the construction work.

Click the arrow to play the clip. And the ‘expand’ button (bottom right) to view in full screen.

And click here to view a similar film of the soon to be demolished hamlet of Goyt’s Bridge, taken at the same time.

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