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Fade test

This page includes an iFrame containing an html file generated by Adobe Animate. It was created using the old Divi Builder because I prefer the simplicity of this to the new version.

But the old builder has become very slow and glitchy since the introduction of the new one. So I finally decided it was time to swap over.

The biggest problem has been these fades. They crash the builder when I use the code in either a code module, or as html in a text module.

I’ve done lots of tests, but I can’t figure out how to solve the problem. This is the html I’m using…

<div id=”fadeBox480″><iframe width=”480″ height=”420″ src=”https://www.goyt-valley.org.uk/fades2/goytsclough-postcard.html”></iframe></div>

Any advice on how I could continue to use this code using the new Divi Builder would be much appreciated.

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