Above: Plasterwork copies of the Elgin Marbles from Errwood Hall survived the demolition. 

A rare fragment of Errwood Hall seems to have survived! I received an email from Stockport Building Preservation Trust asking whether I had any information about some plasterwork copies of the Elgin Marbles which are in a room in Woodbank Hall. Apparently they had been saved from Errwood Hall when it was demolished in the 1930s.

Woodbank Hall is now in such a poor state of repair that a Preservation Trust has been set up to try and save the building. This black and white photo is from an original glass photograph plate. But I’m hoping to get a more recent colour image showing some detail. I don’t have any information about the platsterwork. But if anyone does, please do get in touch. Or simply leave a comment below.

Page update: It seems there is one other piece of Errwood Hall which has survived!

My thanks to Ben from Buxton Museum for sending me this photo of a bronze flower from a bannister rail which he managed to track down in the collection.

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