Sarah Dugdale writes: I was looking at your website and I believe I have some old photos of the area. My Grandparents were living in the area before the war and were re-located to Whaley Bridge. The whole story is a muddle in my head as my dad who could have helped greatly died in November 2000.

I recall from what I read at the time, that they lived at Errwood Farm, which may have been used to accomadate children during the war and was the lowest-lying farm not to be submerged beneath the resevoir (Errwood?).

My Grandparents were George and Edith Dugdale, who had children called George, Harry and the sister I should know but can’t recall now. My Uncle George is the only one still alive, he now lives in Reading, Berkshire. I know I have an official document refering to deal that was done when they left the farmhouse.

Does any of this make any sense? I will start to look out for photos I have somewhere (safe) and anything else of use. I understand Errwood Farm is now a ruin but all I can find on maps is Errwood Hall ruins.

Thanks for the message, Sarah. I too have searched unsuccessfully for the ruins of Errwood Farm! So if anyone can point us in the right direction, we’d both be grateful. I think the photo above shows the farm – so there could be some clues for the sharp-eyed in the stone walling on the opposite slope across the valley. But if you have any more photos, I’d love to see them. David

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