Chris Belton writes: I’m trying to identify a 1958 photo from my late father’s collection entitled “Goyt Holiday”. The photo shows a bridge over a stream but seemingly not Goyt’s Bridge. I can sort of remember it, it was a delightful place, the sort my parents sought out for picnics. That’s me running away from the camera to hide on the bridge. But of course too young to remember where. I don’t remember them ever visiting that area (Goyt) or talking about it, but that’s what it says on the back.

As you say, it’s not the packhorse bridge. And the stream looks too wide for this far up the Goyt. So I’m guessing it must be further downstream. If anyone recognises the scene, please send me a message and I’ll pass the information on to Chris. David

Mystery solved!

It seems I was wrong and that this is a photo of a third bridge in Goyt’s Bridge. Click here for an update.