Above: This postcard showing a group of children beside the gate leading into Goytclough, with a carriage full of tourists in the background, is one of my favourites.

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – create a video of the valley featuring some of the many wonderful postcards people have been kind enough to allow me to scan, many of them dating back well over 100 years. (Thanks in particular to Corrie and Michael.)

The ongoing virus lockdown gave me the perfect opportunity. And after much brain ache and head scratching, I’ve just posted it on YouTube. Click below to play it, and hit the expand button to view it in glorious HD full screen.

Another video I’m planning is on the history of Fernilee Gunpowder Mill, which now lies submerged at the northern end of Fernilee Reservoir. And perhaps one on the Cromford & High Peak Railway. And maybe another from Derbyshire Bridge all the way to Fernilee, a drive that was said to be ‘one of the most beautiful in Derbyshire’.

So no shortage of possible topics. And it helps keep the little grey cells in some kind of working order!

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