Above: This 1890 map (click to enlarge) shows Goytsclough Farm, lying close to the Paint Mill. Goytsclough Quarry is just to the north.
Above: The ruins of Goytsclough Farm aren’t easy to find. Looking along the road to Derbyshire Bridge, with the Packhorse Bridge in the valley to your left, go up the slope to your right. They lie just over the highest point, on the footpath towards Stakeside and Shining Tor.

Goytsclough Farm

What little remains of Goytsclough Farm is now shrouded in trees, close to where the Paint Mill once stood. Walk 15 passes close by.

This part of the Goyt Valley was once a hive of industry. As well as the Paint Mill, Goytsclough Quarry was a few hundred yards away, beside the road to Goyt’s Bridge. So at one time, teams of packhorses would have been travelling in both directions, carrying the quarried and milled stone. And as the roads improved, horses and carts, and then lorries, would have done the work.

My thanks to Mike for providing the census records shown below. They are slightly confusing. There are two sets of records for the 1911 census – one for Goyts Clough and another for Goyts Clough Cottage. Also, the Swindell family seems to have moved from Goyts Clough in the 1901 census to Goyts Clough Cottage in the 1911 census.

Perhaps there was a cottage attached to Goytsclough Farm, or perhaps these records were for the cottages at Goytsclough Paint Mill. I’ll update this page if things get a little clearer.

Page update: My thanks to Shirley for sending me this photo of a group of people pictured in front of Goytsclough Farm. I’m not sure who they are, but I’d guess it would have been taken shortly before the farm was demolished in the mid 1930s.
SurnameFirst nameBornRelationshipOccupationBirth place
1871 Census (Goyts Clough)
Lomas James c1826 Head Farmer of 30 acres Hartington
Lomas Sarah c1828 Wife Chapel en le Frith
Lomas Sarah c1861 Daughter Fernilee
Lomas Martha E c1864 Daughter Fernilee
Lomas Harriet c1867 Daughter Fernilee
Lomas James c1870 Son Taxal
1881 Census
Lomas Elizabeth P c1853 Head Farmer of 170 acres Fernilee
Lomas Lena (?) c1881 Daughter (?) Marple
Lomas Nellie (?) c1881 Daughter (?) Marple
Lomas Harriet c1867 Sister (?) Domestic servant Whaley Bridge
Lomas Hannah c1873 Neice Derbys
1891 Census
Braddock Thomas c1841 Head Gamekeeper Disley
Braddock Ann c1845 Wife Bollington
Braddock James c1881 Son Taxal
Braddock Elizabeth Ann c1884 Daughter Taxal
Braddock William Henry c1887 Son
1901 Census
Braddock Thomas c1841 Head Gamekeeper Disley
Braddock Ann c1845 Wife Disley
Braddock James c1881 Son Gamekeeper Taxal
Braddock William c1887 Son Taxal
Swindells John c1849 Head Coal miner Rainow
Swindells Eliza Ann c1853 Wife New Mills
Swindells Jeffrey c1871 Head Coal miner Kettleshulme
Swindells Sarah Isabelle c1874 Wife Manchester
Swindells John William c1893 Son Kettleshulme
Swindells Annie c1893 Daughter Taxal
Swindells Isabel c1897 Daughter Errwood
Swindells Henrietta c1900 Daughter Errwood
Salmon William c1854 Boarder General labourer Manchester
1911 Census (Goyts Clough)
Braddock Thomas c1840 Head Read. gamekeeper Disley
Braddock Ann c1845 Wife Bollington
Braddock William c1886 Son Gamekeeper Goyts Clough
Braddock James c1881 Head Gamekeeper & farmer Errwood
Braddock Sarah c1881 Wife Saltersford
Braddock Edward c1907 Son Goyts Clough
Braddock Robert c1908 Son Goyts Clough
Braddock William c1910 Son Goyts Clough
1911 Census (Goyts Clough Cottage)
Swindells Jeffrey c1871 Head Coal miner / hewer Kettlshulme
Swindells Sarah Isabell c1874 Wife Manchester
Swindells John William c1893 Son Colliery labourer waggoner Kettlshulme
Swindells Isabell c1897 Daughter Errwood
Swindells Jeffrey c1899 Son Errwood
Swindells Henrietta c1900 Daughter Errwood
Swindells Roy c1902 Son Errwood
Swindells Bessie c1904 Daughter Errwood
Swindells Harry c1907 Son Errwood
Swindells Joseph c1910 Son Errwood