Above: The forms can seem a bit daunting. But please do take the time to complete it. And if anyone needs help, just use the form below.

PRoW forms & map

Many thanks for supporting the application to record a public right of way along the old railway track down to Bishops Lane. The next stage is to complete an evidence form.

Derbyshire CC has provided a map to mark the route. I’ve shown it on the OS map as an orange dashed line (click to enlarge it). It runs from Old Macclesfield Road, north along the disused railway track to Edgemoor Farm, and then down the lane on the right, past Plex Farm, to Bishops Lane.

Step 1: Download the form and map

Simply click the links below to download the form and map (as pdfs). But I’m happy to post them if you prefer. Just use the form below to send me your details.

Step 2: Submit the form and map

It’s important that you complete the forms as carefully and completely as possible (accurate distances aren’t important). And that you sign and date both the evidence form and the map. Then use the form below to let me know you’re ready to submit them. I will then email you the postal address. Or I’m happy to pick them up if you live in Buxton.

Above: The orange dashes show the route we’re trying to claim as a PRoW (click to enlarge).