Above: This 1890 OS map (click to enlarge) shows Goytsbridge Farm with Goyt’s Lane rising up the hillside behind. I’ve shown the camera position on the map. The blue shaded area shows Errwood Reservoir today.
Above: An unusual view of Goytsbridge Farm (click to enlarge), taken from beside Wildmoorestone Brook, between the stepping stones and the packhorse bridge. Click here for more information about this photo.
Above: The buildings in the foreground on the right are barns, with Gatehouse Cottage beside them in the centre. Goytsbridge Farm lies across the valley (circled), with Goyt’s Lane snaking up the hillside behind. The inset photo shows the same view today (taken from above Errwood Hall car park), with Goyt’s Lane clearly visible in the distance. The brown arrow shows where the ruins of Goytsbridge now lie – under Errwood Reservoir.

Goytsbridge Farm

There were two farms within the hamlet of Goyt’s Bridge – Goytsbridge and Goytshead. Goytsbridge Farm lay at the end of Goyt’s Lane, an ancient packhorse trail which ran all the way from the Cheshire salt brines to the Roman town of Buxton and beyond. 

The blue shading on the map shows Errwood Reservoir today. Walk 10 follows Goyt’s Lane (also known as Old Goyt’s Lane and Sandy Lane) all the way to the water’s edge. What little remains of Goytsbridge Farm now lies a few meters beyond.

Above: The hand-written caption says ‘Goyt Bridge Cafe’. The photo probably dates to the early 1930s when the tea-room at Goytsbridge Farm was very popular with visitors. It lay on the right of Goyt’s Lane, close to the Packhorse Bridge.

The census records below are more than a little confusing! I think they may include both Goytsbridge and Goytshead Farm, and perhaps other houses in Goyt’s Bridge. I’ll update them if things get any clearer.

SurnameFirst nameBornRelationshipOccupationBirth place
1851 Census
Hulse William c.1809 Head Gamekeeper Fernilee
Hulse Mary c.1810 Wife Fernilee
Hulse Ellen c.1828 Daughter Fernilee
Hulse William c.1833 Son Fernilee
Hulse Jane c.1835 Daughter Fernilee
Downs John c1809 Head Farmer Goits Bridge
Downs Elizabeth c1783 Mother Cheshire
Etchells Elizabeth c1826 Servant Servant Cheshire
Goodwin Richard c1835 Chelmorton
Fern James c1813 Head Mason Biggin
Fern Eliza c1816 Wife Parwich
Fern Emma c1841 Niece Biggin
Goodwin Abraham c1841 Biggin
1861 Census
Carter John c.1815 Head Retired butler Kirby Hill
Carter Elizabeth c.1828 Wife Macclesfield
Ogden George c.1801 Head Broom maker Harley Dale
Ogden Ester c.1811 Wife Hill Top
Downs James Boarder Gamekeeper Hartington
1871 Census (Goits Bridge HUQ)
Griffiths Richard 1813 Head Gamekeeper Chester
Griffiths Mary 1822 Wife Chester
Griffiths Emma 1849 Daughter Chester
Griffiths William c.1858 Son Chester
1871 Census (Goits Bridge Farm)
Fern Ellen c1816 Head Farmer Derbyshire
Edge Mary A c1844 Servant Servant Longnor
Harrison Samuel c1848 Servant Servant Longnor
1871 Census (Goits Bridge)
Downes John c1809 Head Farmer Hartington
Bagshaw J A c1847 Servant Hartington
Wain John c1852 Servant Hartington
1881 Census
Wood William c.1837 Head Gamekeeper Lingfield
Wood Sarah Wife Sussex
Wood Caroline Sister in law Housekeeper Lingfield
Fern Ellen c1816 Head Farmer 206 acres Parwich
Fern Mary c1864 Daughter Goyts Bridge
Goodwin Abraham c1840 Nephew Farm servant Biggin
Goodwin Jane c1842 Neice Domestic servant Normanton
Goodwin Abraham J c1879 Nephew Goyts Bridge
Goodwin William c1869 Nephew Normanton
Downes John c1848 Head Farmer 1250 acres Hartington
Downes Sarah c1846 Sister Housekeeper Hartington
Downes Thomas c1811 Uncle Hartington
Moorcroft George c1856 Servant Farm servant indoor Stafford
Chappell Mary Emma c1866 General servant Hartington
1891 Census (Goyts Bridge)
Goodwin John c1841 Head Farm bailiff Chelmorton
Goodwin Hannah c1841 Wife Rainow
Goodwin John Richard c1882 Son Kettleshulme
Mellor Walter c1882 Servant Farm servant Longnor
Goodwin John c1874 Nephew Farm servant Dove Holes
Blind Sarah c1876 General servant Harpur Hill
Connah Walter c1830 Gardener Northop
1901 Census
Trueman Elizabeth c.1857 Farmer Wildboarclough
Trueman William c.1870 Son Taxal
Trueman Martha c.1874 Daughter Taxal
Trueman Amos c.1872 Son Taxal
Coward Tom c1880 Head Coachman Manchester
Coward Dinah c1879 Wife Dressmaker Lancashire
Coward Florence May c1901 Daughter Lancashire
1911 Census
Hibbert Thomas Bennet c1874 Head Farmer Hartington
Hibbert Martha c1874 Wife Taxal
Hibbert Frances c1905 Daughter Hartington
Skidmore Hannah c1857 Domestic servant Cressbrook
1911 Census (Goyts Bridge Farm)
Lomas George Hibbert c.1862 Head Gunpowder carter /
Ag. labourer
Masters Farm
Lomas Mary Hannah c.1871 Wife Whaley Bridge
Lomas Elizabeth A c.1904 Daughter Masters Farm
Lomas Mary c.1907 Daughter Goytsbridge Farm
Coward Tom c.1880 Head Coachman / Ag. labourer Manchester
Coward Dinah c.1879 Wife Dressmaker Horwich End Chapel
Coward Florence May c.1901 Daughter Horwich End Chapel