Above: This 1890 map (click to enlarge) shows the shape of the Hall – with the ornamental gardens to the south, and the stables and outbuildings to the north. A path through the gardens leads up to the family’s hill-top graveyard.

The driveway to Goyt’s Bridge ran alongside Shooter’s Clough – a picturesque stream. Today they both run beneath the modern bridge beside Errwood Hall car park.

Above: Taken from Gerald’s ‘Goyt valley Romance’ this sketch – presumably an initial one by the architect Roos – shows a magnificent church with spire on the hill behind the Hall (click to enlarge).

What a pity they didn’t ahead with it. I think even Stockport Corporation may have baulked at demolishing such a fine building!

Above: Errwood Hall staff (click to enlarge) pictured on the drive in the early 1900s. Mr Wiles, the butler, is seated far left. And his wife, the hall housekeeper, is in the centre foreground. I’ll update with more names if I discover any.
Above: This photo – which probably dates to the 1890s – is captioned ‘Errwood Servants & Keepers, etc’ and was taken in front of the gates leading from Gatehouse Cottage to the Hall. (Click to enlarge.)
Above: This photo, from the opposite side of the valley, looks as though it may have been taken in the 1930s, shortly before the hall was demolished. The ornamental gardens are to the left, and the stables around the bend to the right. Anyone visiting the ruins today will recognise the arches overlooking the garden (below).

Errwood Hall

There’s lots of information about Errwood Hall and the Grimshawe family who lived here on this website, as well as old photos, plus memories of those who both worked and visited this grand country house. Click any of these links to view the various sections; The Grimshawes | Errwood Hall | Various photos.

Above: This wonderful illustration (click to enlarge) is a lithograph print made by the young architect of the hall – Alexandre Roos. So it probably dates to the late 1830s or early 1840s. The room at the top of the tower was used as the family’s Catholic chapel. It’s said that the light through this window could be seen for miles across the valley.

Samuel Grimshawe purchased the 2010 acre Errwood Estate in 1832 for £9250. Work on the hall started sometime around 1840, overseen by Samuel’s son, also called Samuel. The younger Samuel inherited the estate on the death of his father in 1851. And when he died in 1883, the estate passed first to his wife, Jessie, and then on her death in 1893, to their two daughters, Mary and Genevieve.

Genevieve died in 1929, followed a year later by Mary. And it was at this point that the entire estate was compulsory purchased by Stockport Corporation to build the twin reservoirs that today dominate the valley. In 1932 work started on Fernilee Reservoir to the north, and it was shortly after that the decision was taken to demolish the hall, as well as some 14 farmhouses and cottages on the land.

With help from Mike and Gail, I’m still compiling census records of those who lived in the hall; the Grimshawes and their servants.

SurnameFirst nameBornRelationshipOccupationBirthplace
1841 Census
Grimshawe Samuel c1811 Head Manchester
Grimshawe Ann c.1783 Mother
Grimshawe Margaret c.1815 Sister
Wilson John c.1806 Cheshire
Armitt George c.1821 Cheshire
Wilson Mary c.1816
Wheeldon Martha c.1816
1851 Census
Grimshawe Samuel 1811 Head Land proprietor Manchester
Grimshawe Jessie Hunter 1821 Wife South Leith
Grimshawe Samuel Arthur Hope 1850 Son Taxal
Evans Hannah 1802 Servant House servant Derbyshire
Graham Anne 1813 Servant House servant Inverness
Roberts Maria 1821 Servant House servant Manchester
Roberts Harriet 1826 Servant House servant Manchester
Harper Sarah 1831 Servant House servant Lutton
Gregory Hannah 1831 Servant House servant Derbyshire
Bailey Henry 1810 Servant Steward Prestbury
Owen John 1832 Servant Valet Buxton
Bailey Sarah 1843 Visitor Buxton
1861 Census
Grimshawe Samuel 1809 Head Magistrate Manchester
Grimshawe Jessie Hunter 1828 Wife Edinburgh
Grimshawe Mary A L 1852 Daughter
Grimshawe Anne G M 1853 Daughter France
Queen John Michael 1831 Chaplain Catholic priest Ireland
Poppe Josephine C 1829 Governess Governess
Bower William H 1815 Visitor Artist Surrey
Bower Catherine A 1816 Visitor Aberdeen
Borrow Alice 1825 General servant
Johnson Mary 1831 Lady's maid General servant London
Beseley Sarah 1843 General servant
Walsh Margaret 1812 General servant Ireland
Huntsworth Elizabeth 1836 General servant Manchester
Daly Agnes M 1843 Housemaid General servant Cork
Rigley Catherine 1843 Housemaid General servant Broughton
Romand John B 1831 Servant Butler Surrey
Wills Henry 1827 Servant Grocer & gardener Lancashire
Scanlon Patrick 1843 Servant Footman Co. Sligo, Ireland
1871 Census
Gavelle Aimee c1835 Domestic servant Dieppe
Bonney Helen c1849 Domestic servant Claughten
Gillen Thomas c1852 Farm servant Lytham
Edge Thomas c1853 Farm servant Goyts Clough
1881 Census
Grimshaw Samuel c.1809 Head County magistrate
(400 acres farmer)
Grimshaw Mary A J c.1852 Daughter Taxal
Grimshaw Genevieve M c.1853 Daughter France
Auliff William F c.1839 Chaplain Roman Catholic Priest London
Oyargabol Ignatir c.1856 Domestic servant Butler Spain
Joyer Claude c.1859 Domestic servant Cook France
Clements Thomas c.1854 Domestic servant Coachman Hertfordshire
Phelan Patrick c.1859 Domestic servant Footman & gardener Ireland
Northe Irma c.1856 Domestic servant Ladies maid France
Richardson Ann c.1849 Domestic servant Housemaid Ireland
Bryant Mary Ann c.1866 Domestic servant Housemaid Ireland
Galgey Minnie c.1868 Domestic servant Housemaid Ireland
Hickey Alice c.1854 Domestic servant Housemaid Ireland
Mcabe Eliza c.1866 Domestic servant Scullery maid Dover
Butler John c.1831 Visitor Sea captain Ireland
Verga Francis c.1825 Visitor Painter & gilder Macclesfield
1891 Census
Manning Edward c.1864 Visitor Roman Catholic Priest Ireland
Braddock Mary Ann c.1871 Domestic servant Disley
Clemants Kate c.1851 Domestic servant Laundry maid Macclesfield
Braddock Margaret c.1878 Visitor Scholar Macclesfield
Lomas George c.1864 Carter Taxal
Hibbert Thomas c.1871 General labourer Taxal
1901 Census
Goodan Marjorie c.1862 Domestic servant Laundress Scotland
Lomas Sarah c.1881 Domestic servant Housemaid Cheshire
Lomas Mary c.1880 Domestic servant Cook Cheshire
Lomas James c.1880 Shepherd Cheshire
Bennet Alice c.1840 Living on own means Fernilee
Welch Hugh F c.1866 Roman Catholic Priest Whitchurch
Keenan Denis c.1872 Footman Ireland
1911 Census
Bernasconi Mark Anthony c.1883 Clerk in holy orders Newcastle on Tyne
Vickers Mabel Ellen c.1887 Domestic servant Housemaid Winshill
Unsworth Margaret Alice c.1885 Domestic servant Housemaid Ashton in Makerfield