This 1890 map shows Castedge Farmhouse lying below the Grimshawe family’s hill-top mausoleum, and close to Errwood Hall (click to enlarge).

I think the other Castage mentioned in the census may be Shooter’s Clough Cottage. In the early 1900s this was home to the mine manager, Jack Hewitt, and his family.

Castedge Cottage

Castedge is probably the most visited of the farmhouses that were demolished in the 1930s. But few people realise as they pass by the ruins. Today, it’s just a sad pile of stones at a junction of footpaths (see inset above), below the Grimshawe family’s hill-top graves. But at one time, it was quite a substantial building.

The spelling of the name seems to have changed from Castage to Castedge* – which makes the census records slightly confusing (see below). And there’s more than one building listed under the name Castage.

There was another cottage close-by which Gerald Hancock in his Goyt Valley Romance identifies as Shooter’s Clough Cottage, and was home to the manager of the nearby coal mine. So I’m guessing this could be the other building.

Looking at the census records, there was a steady change of families living here – virtually one every 10 years. (My thanks to Mike for providing the census records.)

Thomas Braddock is listed as a gamekeeper in the 1881 census. His grave lies in the Grimshawe family’s hill-top cemetery. The stone also includes the name of his daughter, Elizabeth, who died aged just 19 in 1903, which puts the year of her birth at either 1883-4. By the time of the next census in 1891, the Braddock family seems to have moved away from Castedge so she doesn’t appear on these records.

*Mike has forwarded me a link to a site listing changes in place-name over the years (click to view). It shows that this location was first mentioned in 1629 as Castid, then Castids in 1665, followed by Castage in 1831. The easiest OS map I’ve seen calling it Castedge is dated 1890.

Page update 7.3.22: I hadn’t realised that Mike has family connections to Castedge Farmhouse. He writes:

“My 2x great grandparents – John and Elizabeth Carter – are shown in the 1871 census returns (below). At that time he was the Farm Bailiff. In the previous 1861 census he was living in Errwood Hall as Butler and newly married. My great grandmother – also Elizabeth – was born in Errwood Hall in 1862. By the 1881 census he was in Buxton, running a lodge. When looking at the hall history he was probably replaced with the butler from France, and the yacht captain later replaced him as Farm Bailiff.”

Page update 1.8.23: Susan contacted me to say:

“I have been doing genealogy research on the family of my great-grandmother’s sister and was thrilled to find your beautifully put together site. The Keenan family lived in Castedge Cottage briefly around 1902. They had been employed as domestic help. A birth record for Dennis Raymond Keenan that year states his father William was a butler. Maybe it was for the Grimshawes. Not sure how long they stayed but by 1908 they were elsewhere, in Derbyshire. It gives me the chills to actually see a photo of the old Castedge Farmhouse that is now a pile of rocks. I’ve been trying to write a book on my grandmother’s ancestry and will be citing your website.”

SurnameFirst nameBorn (Died)RelationshipOccupationBirth place
1841 Census (Castage)
Hulse William c.1809 Head Ag. labourer / Gamekeeper Fernilee
Hulse Mary c.1806 Wife Fernilee
Hulse Ellen c.1827 Daughter Fernilee
Hulse Samuel c.1831 Son Fernilee
Hulse William c.1832 Son Fernilee
Hulse Jane c.1835 Daughter
1851 Census (Castage)
Brown William Head Agricultural labourer Bakewell
Brown Anne Daughter Bakewell
Brown Maria Daughter Bakewell
1861 Census (Castage House)
Lupton Robert c.1836 Head Head shepherd Berry Brow
Lupton Ellen c.1845 Wife Berry Brow
Lupton John c.1852 Son Taxal
Lupton George c.1854 Son Taxal
Lupton Joseph c.1856 Son Taxal
Lupton Robert c.1861 Son Taxal
Weston Edward c.1839 Under shepherd Taxal
Flyn Bridget c.1847 Servant Ireland
1871 Census (Castage)
Carter John c.1816 Head Farm bailiff Kirby Hill
Carter Elizabeth c.1829 Wife Macclesfield
Carter Elizabeth M c.1862 Daughter Taxal
Carter Charles A c.1864 Son Taxal
Carter Catherine c.1866 Daughter Taxal
1871 Census (Castage Cottage)
Morten John 1843 Head Gamekeeper Taxal
Morten Martha 1846 Wife Taxal
1881 Census (Castage)
Reidy John c.1846 Head Farm steward Ireland
Reidy Mary c. 1849 Wife Dairy maid Ireland
Reidy Pierce c.1871 Son Ireland
Reidy James c.1873 Son Ireland
Reidy John c.1875 Son Ireland
Reidy Joanna c.1876 Daughter Ireland
Reidy Patrick 1879 Son Taxal
Braddock Thomas c1841 Head Gamekeeper Disley
Braddock Ann c1845 Wife Laundress Disley
Braddock Joseph c1868 Son Whaley Bridge
Braddock Mary H c1871 Daughter Whaley Bridge
Braddock Margaret c1879 Daughter Taxal
Braddock James c1881 Son Taxal
1891 Census (Castage Farm)
Edge Thomas c.1851 Head Farmer Buxton
Edge Maria c.1845 Wife Whaley Bridge
Edge Sarah Jane c.1876 Daughter Kettleshulme
Edge Mary Hannah c.1879 Daughter Fernilee
Turner Fredrick c.1876 Nephew Stockport
Turner Lillian c.1880 Niece Buxton
Turner Alice c.1883 Niece Buxton
1901 Census (Castage No.1)
Edge Thomas c.1851 Head Farmer Buxton
Edge Maria c.1845 Wife Whaley Bridge
Edge Sarah Jane c.1876 Daughter Kettleshulme
Whelan Martha c.1873 Boarder School mistress Ireland
1901 Census (Castage No.2)
O'Brien Justine Marie Paculine c.1864 Head Dressmaker Dubasque
O'Brien Madeline c.1890 Daughter Errwood
O'Brien Harry c.1892 Son Errwood
O'Brien Genevive Irma R E c.1894 Daughter Falmouth
1911 Census (The Castage No.1)
Critchlow James c.1882 Head Ag. labourer Buxton
Critchlow Minnie c.1885 Wife Dartmouth Derbyshire
Critchlow Mary c.1906 Daughter Errwood Taxal
Critchlow Nora c.1908 Daughter Errwood Taxal
Critchlow Winifred c.1910 Daughter Errwood Taxal