Buxton fades

I was given some old postcards of Buxton for a Christmas present and thought it would be an interesting challenge to try and match them with today’s views.

Here are the results. Simply click either button to view the fade, or drag the slider.

If anyone would like to send me their own before and after views, I’d be happy to include them here. Just get in touch using the contact page.

A view from the slopes with the Arcade in the foreground and the Palace Hotel behind.

Buxton’s famous Opera House.

The boating lake with Broad Walk at top right.

Spring Gardens from Terrace Road.

The bridge over the Wye in Pavilion Gardens.


The Old Hall Hotel from Broad Walk.


The Octagon in the Pavilion Gardens.


Broad Walk looking towards the town.


From the Pavilion Gardens with the flag flying over the town hall in the background.


The Duke of York pub on the right in Burbage.


The River Goyt in the Goyt Valley.


The lane up to Grinlow Woods.


Terrace Road looking up towards the Market Square.


The paths through Corbar Woods.


Serpentine Walks from Burlington Road.


Serpentine Walks from Burlington Road.


Snowy view towards the Devonshire Hospital. (Courtesy of Frank Hambleton).


Two stone gateposts are all that’s left of the Empire Hotel, demolished in the 1960s. (Courtesy of Frank Hambleton).